Appraisal Institute

Co-operation agreement since February 2004: mutual recognition and admission of members; exchange of real estate valuation expertise.

China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and Agents, CIREA

Co-operation agreement with China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and Agents since October 2016: mutual recognition and exchange of information.


FIABCI, the international association of real estate professions; board member since May 2016.

International Ethics Standards Coalition

The International Ethics Standards Coalition consists of around 150 organisations from around the world with the aim of producing a set of shared high-level ethical principles (IES) for real estate professionals.

Long-Term Sustainable Value Network

An initiative of vdp and HypZert aimed at promoting sustainable value (L-TSV) as the basis for valuations in the finance industry and developing an internationally applicable methodology for the determination of mortgage lending value.


Gesellschaft für Immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung: Board member since December 2000.


Collaboration in the training of the new generation of management for the real estate industry since 1999, particularly with Prof. Werner Nann, who holds the chair for the real estate sector and is a member of the HypZert steering committee.

Logo ICG

The Institute for Corporate Governance in the German Real Estate Industry (ICG) is a platform for exchange, knowledge transfer and further education for value-oriented corporate culture in the real estate industry. The central topics of the institute are values, standards and sustainability.


Member of the IPMS Coalition: a partnership of leading organisations from every continent for the development and support of common standards for property measurement.


Agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) since October 2012: mutual accreditation and cooperation.


Agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) since October 2012: mutual recognition and cooperation.

Mortgage Credit Foundation, Warsaw, Poland

The Mortgage Credit Foundation was established by the Minister of Finance in 1991 to support the establishment of an efficient mortgage lending system in Poland. The present members of the Foundation are the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice, the National Bank of Poland, technical institutions and sixteen banks with a particular interest in this field of business.


Exclusive services for HypZert certified appraisers.

Verband akkreditierter Zertifizierungsgesellschaften e.V (VAZ), Hamburg

German certification companies from the field of certification of management systems, personnel and products have joined together in the Verband akkreditierter Zertifizierungsgesellschaften e.V. (VAZ) to promote accredited certification and represent their interests jointly, both in Germany and internationally.


WAVO, the World Association of Valuation Organisations, represents the interests of real estate appraisers. Its aim is to create standardised worldwide training and continuing education services for real estate appraisers and to introduce uniform valuation standards. The Association is a forum for the international exchange of expertise.