The HypZert S certification mainly focuses on residential real estate and smaller standard commercial properties in the regional environment of the real estate valuer. This is to meet the requirements of many valuers, who focus on the market and mortgage lending valuation of real estate in standardized business.

More details on the certification can be found in our certification brochure.

Certification Examination

Structure and duration of the written examination:

Part I: Valuation (market and mortgage lending value) of two (predominantly) residential properties
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Part II: Plausibility check of an incorrect mortgage lending report
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Part III: Answering of individual questions on different topics from the examination catalogue 
Duration: 2 hours.

Price list

Processing of application: 500 €

One-off participation in the written examination: 1,700 €

Repetition of the written examination: 1,200 €

Annual monitoring fee: 740 €

All prices are excl. of VAT.


Required Documents HypZert S


Form of application HypZert S


Certification Agreement and Agreement on Dispute Resolution


Appraisal requirements (only available in German)


Request for recertification


Privacy Statement for Certification Procedure


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