Hotel market between recovery effects to growing trends

Increasing numbers of overnight stays, a resurgence in trade fairs and conferences - the hotel market is showing signs of recovery! But how do we analyse these trends in the long term? What are the influences facing the industry?

Our latest study from the HypZert Professional Group Hospitality on the valuation of hotel properties provides answers and insights into the future of the hotel market. From recovery effects to growing trends such as chain hotels and the shared economy - this analysis is a must-read for real estate professionals!

Nina Babic, Deputy Chairwoman of the HypZert Supervisory Board, emphasises the importance of a well-founded valuation for the stability of the financial sector, especially in times of upheaval.

We're thrilled to announce that the English translation of our study is now available! 

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As usual, HypZert valuers can of course access it free of charge in the Valuers Corner.

We would like to thank the members of the Professional Group Hospitality for their outstanding work: Andreas Mayer, Christine Mayer, Dr Werner Pauen, Heike Kemme, Helmut Keber, Matthias Dobrick, Philipp Linder, Ralf Lamprecht, Ulrich Peters